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inflatable boats
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Rigid inflatable boats

Rigid Inflatable Boats belongs to the most actively developing class of power boats and motor boats. Rigid Inflatable Boats are boats with the rigid hull and inflatable broads combining advantages of both rigid boats and inflatable boats. The rigid boat hull ensures excellent seaworthiness, comfort, inflatable tubes provide security and usability.

RIB light weight enables to install the same heavy motors as motors installed on rigid power boats that makes them high-speed и efficient.
Individual design
Aluminum hull
Easily removable tubes
Rigid bulwark

Features of the Vector RIBs

The main distinguishing feature of the Vector boats is their aluminum hull. The advantage of aluminum as a constructional material for boats and power boats is its high ratio of durability/weight.

Material with a larger value of this parameter in comparison to material with a smaller parameter has less weight under the same durability. Use of aluminum as a constructional material of the hull allowed to reduce additionally boat weight and, thus, to improve its characteristics and lower cost of operation.

In addition to light weight and high strength aluminum is more impact-resistant as compared with steel and fiberglass reinforced plastic and has such important performance criteria as wear resistance and durability. The aluminum hull of the boat is practically not exposed to atmosphere effects and sea water, does not require regular corrosion preventive treatment and remain in service for many years.

Low level of costs on care and maintenance, high strength and wear resistance are among significant advantages of aluminum hulls of motor boats.

Properties of RIBs

  • Safety
    Availably of the big tube divided into separate sealed sections increases safety of RIBs. It is impossible to overturn such boats.
  • Carrying capacity
    RIBs have a higher payload in comparison to conventional motor boats due to a large volume of inflatable boards.
  • Transportability
    The deflatable tube enables to simplify processes of storage and transportation of boats. Boat dimensions match vehicle dimensions that allow to transport boats on the trailer behind the vehicle without special permit.
  • Speed
    RIBs have higher speed in comparison to power boats with the same dimensions and the analogue motor due to its light weight.
  • Efficiency
    Light weight, high speed allow to lower operation expenses.

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