Manufacturing and sale of rigid
inflatable boats
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About company

The Vector company specializes in designing and manufacturing of inflatable structures, fairground attractions and inflatable rapidly erectable structures for construction industry. We possess leading-edge technologies of manufacturing of inflatable and glass-reinforced plastic products, and steel structures.

Following advanced worldwide trends of development of small ship building industry, relying on experience of designing and production within a short time we have managed to master a new area of business - building of modern high-speed boats and powerboats.

Our production is based on many-years experience of our team, modern equipment of leading foreign manufacturers, high-quality materials, hand assembling and continuous quality control.

Inflatable tubes of boats and powerboats are manufactured from the Valmex material of German concern MEHLER TEXNOLOGIES GMBH and the Hypalon material of French company DUPONT.

The Valmex material is a PVC-coated fabric that can withstand mechanical effects, has a long service life, and retain its properties under a wide range of temperature.

The Hypalon material is a polyethylene elastomer (chlorosulfonated polyethylene), it has an excellent durability and mechanical stability; it is resistant to UV radiation, exposure to aggressive influences of oils, benzine, acids and alkalies; has a long service life, high strength and elasticity, retains its properties at low temperatures.

Aluminum-magnesium alloy or marine aluminum is used as a constructional material of the boat hull. This is a unique material for construction of boats and powerboats. Due to such properties as strength, lightness, wear resistance and durability it can be justifiably considered as one of the best materials for manufacturing of hulls for boats and power boats.

Decks and finishing details are manufactured from fiberglass reinforced plastic, a composite material with such properties as corrosion resistance, light weight, heat insulation, environmental safety и nice appearance.

The products are equipped with modern means of communication and navigation, can be completed by choice with various parts и accessories, and a wide range of options is available.

Looking for dealers

Because of the expansion of our business Vector Ltd are now looking for new agents, dealers and distributors in other countries. If you are interested in becoming a distributor please fill in the form. We will contact you within a few days.